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Rama and Shinta Bali Wood Carving

Short Description

this Rama and Shinta Bali wood carving is an engraving made from love story taken from Ramayana story is very well known, the Bali sculpture was made by a sculptor who is the expert to produce a beautiful work of art is seen by the eyes, the shape is so detailed it almost resembles the original, This carving tells the story of loyalty between Rama and Shinta or better known as Dewi Sita decorated with forest scenery and rocks as well as some plants that seems so alive

If you are interested in this Rama and Shinta Balinese wood carving sculpture please contact us via email: info@balicarvingsculpture.com for more details price and information’s!

Rama and Shinta (Ramayana) wood carvings is available in various sizes and design, Made to order custom design, you can also be carved there to be used as a wedding gift or placed in the photograph pra-wedding, provided you send your photo. This Bali wood carvings is suitable for indoor decoration

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