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You are welcome to Bali Stone Carvings and Wood Sculpture

Who is Bali Carving Sculpture? And what we do? We are Bali stone carvings manufacturer and as well supplier of Balinese wooden sculpture

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“Producing high quality Bali carvings and sculptures at the best price has become our main priority.” Bali Carving Sculpture’s team.

Bali Carving Sculpture only consists of the professional sculptors who have been experienced for decades; not only professional but they are 100% originally from Bali. The traditional Balinese architectural technique is still used until today by these professionals. The workshops are located in two main villages that are known for the best art sculptures and carvings in Bali, Silakarang area and Samu area.

Therefore, BaliCarvingSculpture.com offers a wide range of balinese stone carvings and wood sculptures. Various types of Bali sculpture & carving products for indoor and outdoor decoration used are also available, such as wall decoration, landscaping stone carvings, water fountain, garden water features, wood relief, candle holder, lantern, Buddha statue, stone lamps, wooden sculpture or simply traditional Balinese statues.

Custom-orders are happily accepted!